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Case Studies

Signature events require custom tools.


Combining our own off-the-shelf modules with custom-tailored builds, VoiceHive provides affordable, effective web applications for events and situations of all sorts and sizes.

Let us show you how to make your next event shine!


Global Event

A series of two-day conferences for thousands of attendees were held in Mexico, India, Malaysia, Romania, and the Czech Republic. This required a bi-lingual one stop shop for student attendees to register, prioritizing easy navigation and registration for first time attendees and delivering a steady stream of information and updates before, during, and after the event. We created capabilities and incentives for early registration and ensured a high level of interactivity allowing for questions, comments, and feedback all along the way.  Read more.



National Conference

A four-day medical conference needed to be really ready for the registration, billing, and ongoing information needs of 3,000 attendees. Over the five months leading up to the conference, the VoiceHive site recorded over 20,000 visits and processed detailed, real time reports for the organizers. During the conference, sessions had full interaction with live Q&A and polling. After the conference, event documents and PowerPoints were made easily accessible to all attendees.  Read more.



Internal Communications & Interactive Hub

A Fortune 10 company needed to crowd source feedback from the drivers of company culture within the organization. VoiceHive delivered a site consistent with the company’s brand voice, and worked closely with their IT team to provide secure access for eligible employees. The interface is simple to navigate for first time users, and moderators were allowed easy vetting of submitted content. Read more.



Education and Accreditation Event

Over the course of five months, a large organization conducted a full day of education and accreditation in ten US cities, as well as an annual National Conference. The event required a universal URL to function as a portal to each city's event, and ongoing tracking was especially essential to connect students with the proper credits and certification. We also created the necessary tools to manage and accommodate all of the event sponsors individual branding and interactivity.  Read more.



Interactive Sponsorship

A global liquor company was looking to increase brand awareness by engaging with the crowd at a large public gathering. We created easy to access, fun options through gamification and social media that aligned closely with the sponsor brand.  Read more.