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Here's what our clients have to say.

"Adding VoiceHive to the majority of my recent client events and conferences has been a definite value-add to my clients and their guests. I have used VoiceHive as original and creative replacement to the typical mobile app, a printed conference guide, individual polling devices (that must be rented from another vendor) and even an auction bidding tool for a non-profit fundraiser. Attendees have readily embraced this tool and given great feedback noting its ease of use and the quick access to speaker biographies, event agendas and also Q&A opportunities for keynote speakers."

Sara Mikolich, Founder, The Stark Group, Inc.


"Thank you again for your commitment to helping to make the project a success. You and Andy were great partners in helping us to refine the VoiceHive engine to make the aesthetics work for our audience.  And, based on the success of yesterday’s LiveStream broadcast and the interaction from the audience, there’s going to be more of these meetings."

Andrew Mackenzie, Chief Marketing Officer


"Thank you so much for your fantastic interactive tool!  It was a great hit at our TCDIP annual meeting today. I have already been sending your contact information out to several people who want to use your features at their upcoming meetings."

Lily Shaw, Director of External Relations, Diversity In Practice

"I have been very pleased each time I have used VoiceHive and I think John Cosgrove is a delight to work with. He and his team can meet any challenge I set before them. They are the best product out there."

Julie Ann Schmidt, CMM, CMP,  Lithium Logistics