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Global Event

Global Event


A series of two-day conferences needed perfect, seamless interaction with thousands of participants both live and online in Mexico, India, Malaysia, Romania, and the Czech Republic .



Executing events across the globe entails the management of about a zillion moving parts. Organizers need the right tools to manage the inevitable changes, ensure nothing is missed, and get guests the info they need quickly.

VoiceHive provides the capability (and the incentives!) to drive early registration, easily manage the steady stream of information and updates, and make everything accessible to event organizers as it happens.


With a large group of participants in different locations, easy navigation and registration is essential, especially for first time or student attendees.

VoiceHive can create a one-stop bilingual shop with a consistent URL, layout, and branding across simultaneous events, or those in a series. With an international audience in mind, our sites are easily accessible from all types of devices.


To drive participation in panel discussions, we include real-time Q & A for live audience participation in on-stage presentations. To encourage visits to event exhibits and interaction with web content, we game-ify the experience with fun and easy scavenger hunts and one-click prize drawings.

Collected data can be relayed to marketing and communications teams in real time.