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Education and Accreditation Event

Education and Accreditation Event


A national organization needed detailed tracking and certification processes to support a full day of education and accreditation across ten US cities.



Real Time Audience Monitoring + Feedback

Throughout the sessions, real time data and feedback, captured via live polling, attendee Q&A, and word clouds was made available to the organizers. Branded buttons and banners for sponsors on the site linked to interactive gamification and information, and full statistical reports provided measurable ROI data to sponsors after the event.



Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Tracking + Certification

VoiceHive created a one stop site with a universal URL for all attendees, who then specified which city event they were attending. Attendees were checked in at the entrance to each session and credits were given after completion of each session evaluation. Tracking of attendees was essential, ensuring each received the completed credits and appropriate certification.

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